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    Message from the Honorable Chair


    RDF emerged in 1993 with the aim of poverty alleviation and risk free living of distressed, unprivileged and the vulnerable including protection and promotion of rights of ethnic minorities and fisher-folks living particularly in the southern part of Bangladesh and to save life and livelihood of the disaster prone coastal people. 18 years of experience in development activities of RDF, the organization believes that without integration and addressing people's needs real development can never be attained. A participatory approach is a prerequisite for assessing needs. RDF also believes and proved that micro credit and micro-entrepreneur support accelerates employment and income of the beneficiaries, which contributes significantly to the national goal.


    The year 2010 of RDF can be recognized as a successful year from the perspective of innovation, problem identification, save life and livelihood, technology transfer, introducing Green Power solution in irrigation and homes and capacity building. It is true that RDF is transparent, accountable and capable in organization and project management but should concentrate in fund raising to reach more people and area coverage.


    It would be really encouraging that RDF's involvement in women development, adolescent girl education, disaster management, human rights, capacity building and especially rights in ethnic Rakhaign and fisher-folk communities and contribution to the good governance within the organization.


    I hope our organization’s website will explore our experience to all searchers particularly the donors, development partners and well wishers and philanthropists who have been providing tremendous supports since its inception. I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude to the management of the organization for highlighting the organization in the website.


    Wishing all the best to everybody that have contributed sincere effort to design this website.



    Md. Emranul Haque Choudhury



    Message from the Vice President  


    It immensely encourages me to see that RDF’s motion for development initiatives has been steady and gradually increasing the activities package with more coverage dimensions. Massive post disaster intervention in the Sidr affected areas claimed more acceptance and reputation of RDF from people of all walks of life particularly from the affected people, donors, local administration and other stakeholders.


    I am also happy to note that RDF is going to publish its 15th annual Report. The report has been very colorful with facts & events and all inclusive information of success, failure, lessons leaned, challenges faced and measures to be taken for the mitigation of those challenges in future. As an organization RDF has been strategic in the paradigms of the demand/supply equilibrium.  And it has been possible for the wise directives of the governing body, efficient management by the skilled staff, sound coordination with all stakeholders and timely support & cooperation from the government and donors. The last but never the least is the contribution made by the community without whose cooperation anything could have been possible to take off. The said report testifies about all these explicably. I thank all concerned for their respective roles being played for achieving RDF’s objectives.



    Let RDF grow more promisingly in future



    Mahbubul Hasan

    Vice President


    Biography of the Founder and CEO of Resource Development Foundation (RDF)



    M Golam Mostofa, Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Resource Development Foundation (RDF) - Born in Patharghata Upazila under Barguna district on 23rd March 1960. M Golam Mostofa has passed Honors and Master of Science in Economics from Jahangirnagar University (JU) in 1983 and 1985 respectively.


    The devastating cyclone of 1970 submerged the coastal area as a whole and that event hurt him drastically. After that when liberation war took place in 1971, his village was brutally attacked by the Pakistani soldiers and lot of lives were missing and lots of houses were burnt by them. All the miserable events hurt him and affected the little boy Golam Mostofa and made him aggressively predetermined to help the vulnerable neighbors of Mostofa.


    After completion of his SSC examination he sat up a long term visionary goal to become a business person, to make something which is unique and not to reside under somebody’s leadership. He tried to earn money by doing several businesses to serve the poor people. But he was not perfectly satisfied about the progress of making money. Finally he raised some capital by doing indenting business in his University student life. 


    After raising capital he went to his village to serve the people to meet the commitment to his village people. Then he started to give micro credit to the vulnerable people of Taltali area of Barabagi union. In 1995 he got the registration named “Resource Development Foundation (RDF)” and started its operation from the village named “Nidrasakhina” which was in the same union under Amtali Upazila of Barguna district. As the day was progressing he expanded his operations in to some other villages. Up to 1996 he gave about Tk.45,00,000/- to the vulnerable people from his own fund who needed these sorts of assistance.


    In 1998 from Danish Embassy, some people visited Barguna. After watching RDF”s operation they were very much pleased and gave donation to operate activities. Mostofa took it as recognition of his activities and he was very much inspired by this recognition. He expanded his operations and included more villages under his operations. Now RDF is operating almost each and every union as well as almost in every villages of Banrguna.


    Now RDF is very popular organization over the greater Barisal division even other areas. At present RDF is not only giving Micro credit to the poor and vulnerable persons but it also involved in child and adolescent girl education, Pure drinking water and sanitation, green energy, forestation and nursery multiplication, relief and rehabilitation, disaster management, activities related to development of women, human rights and good governance, social awareness and mobilization, research and technology transfer etc. It is also giving training to the poor and vulnerable persons to overcome from the various natural calamities and other problems. Also providing training to unemployed persons who are not involving any kind of activities and by getting this kind of financial assistance they can form their luck by their own hand. RDF has been building a ten storied building at Barguna which will be the Corporate Head Office and training center of RDF.


    Mr. Mostofa completed DANIDA Fellowship Program in Denmark in 2001. He has visited 19 countries of the world for strengthening RDF. He is experienced in development activities.


    Mr. Mostofa got the recognition from Bangladesh Bank’s Governor Dr. Atiur Rahman to establish solar irrigation pumping system. He got recognition from Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman, former advisor of Care Taker Government, who is giving moral support of his various social activities in the rural part of Barguna. He is not a traditional entrepreneur who is involved in industrial activities rather he is an entrepreneur to change the social life of the people who are in deep trouble to pass their daily life in coastal areas. He is working to give a better life to the vulnerable people so that they can manage their meal and they slept a sound sleep at night.


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